Leads are your business! Without leads you are out of business. There are many ways to have people that are extremely motivated contacting you wanting to know more about “your opportunity”. This business is extremely simple so don’t make it complicated and follow our system and you will be successful. The goal is to have as many people go to your website and get excited about our product, company, compensation plan, training and the ability to duplicate. People want to be proud to promote their product and that is a no brainer for us because we are representing a machine that produces the best water on earth and everyone needs to change their water. People want to be comfortable with the company that they will be working for and that is also a huge benefit we have because our company has been in business for a very long time and has a great reputation. Everyone wants to make money and our compensation plan is so good that the company put a patent on it. We have marketing systems in place that are proven to make individuals over $20,000 per week like clock work and training that enables everyone to sign in and follow step by step instructions to get their marketing systems setup. There will be no need to sit on the phone for hours on end helping new distributors get setup and trained.  Click on Step1 to get started setting up your marketing systems

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