Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. First of all I know you are wanting to to know “how is it possible to start making $3,000-$5,000 per week within 30 days?” The next question you have is “how much is this going to cost me?” Your last question is “what do I have to do?” I’m going to answer all of those questions but first You need to know a few things. 
  1. This is not a MLM ( multi level marketing )
  2. This is not a scam
  3. You must care about helping others
  4. You must care about health
  5. You must be willing to devote a minimum of 10 hrs/week
  6. You must have a computer/laptop
  7. You must have internet connection
  8. You must have a cell phone
  9. You must be able to follow a system
  10. You must be willing to talk to people
First Question…
How is it possible to start making $3,000-$5,000 per week within 30 days?
This is a direct sales business. Direct sales means that a company pays distributors higher commissions based on the fact that the distributors are the driving force behind promoting or advertising the products that the company is selling. So instead of the company spending millions and millions of dollars advertising and paying celebrities for endorsements, the company takes that money and distributes the money to the distributors for their efforts. Now each distributor gets paid for selling machines with the ability to sponsor and train new distributors into the company so that sales will increase by having a group effort. 
Okay so now you have more questions…
“What is the product, how much does it cost and what is my commission?”
The product is Kangen water machines. Kangen water machines are built in Japan. The company that builds the machines is called Enagic. Enagic has been in business for over 40 years in Japan and they are now going global. Enagic is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau here in the United States. Kangen water machines are registered medical devices in Japan and have been in hospitals throughout Japan for many years. Kangen water machines turn tap water into the healthiest water on earth. 
Kangen water machines filter impurities from the water and then the water passes over metal plates that have electricity running through them. These metal plates are made from medical grade titanium and platinum. This process is called Electrolysis and it changes the molecular structure and separates the water into two different types of water, Acidic and Alkaline. The Benefits of drinking real ionized alkaline water is highly documented and is the easiest way for anyone to dramatically improve their health. If you or anyone you know struggles with any of the following issues then drinking Kangen water is a No Brainer! 
Heart Disease
High Blood Pressure
Kidney Disease
Kidney Stones
High Cholesterol
Mental Fog
Loss of Libido
Chronic Fatigue
Multiple Sclerosis
Muscular Dystrophy
Eye Diseases
Poor Eyesight
Chronic Diarrhea
Heart Burn
Acid Reflux
Skin Blemishes
Premature Aging
Morning Sickness
Chronic Dehydration
Medical grade titanium and Platinum are very expensive and it is extremely necessary to have the highest quality to ensure that this machine lasts for a very long time without any corrosion etc. Our machines will last over 20 years and have 5 year warranty. Platinum is close to $2,000 per ounce so needless to say these machines are extremely high quality and not cheap. Our flagship machine is called the K8 and is $4,980. It is called the K8 because it has 8 metal plates made from medical grade titanium and platinum. Each K8 machine has $2,720 in advertising budget built into the price which is a little over 54%. This $2,720 is broken into 8 separate commission checks of $340. Every distributor starts out as a 1 point agent ( 1A ) which means that they get paid one commission point equaling $340 every time a K8 machine is sold in their 1A business center. Now the company gives each distributor additional business centers every time the distributor reaches a certain number of sold machines. 
The 2nd direct sale opens up another 1A business center which means that the distributor will make 1 point ($340) of commission for every machine sold out of that business center as well. 
The 3rd direct sale opens up a 2A business center which means that the distributor will now make 2 points ($680) of commission for every machine sold out of that business center until the distributor has a total of 10 group sales within the 3 business centers ( 1A, 1A and 2A). The only way for anyone to purchase a K8 is thru a distributor. Now every time a machine is sold, the person purchasing the machine has the option of becoming a distributor at no extra cost. This is called Sponsoring. When a distributor sponsors another distributor, they will forever be connected. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring distributor to train the new distributor on the product and compensation plan. A Direct sale is when you “the distributor” sells a machine. A Group sale is when a machine is sold by a distributor that you personally sponsored or when a machine is sold by anyone connected in anyway to a distributor that you personally sponsored. So once there are 10 sold machines in your Group of distributors the company now gives you your 4th business center on your next direct sale. In order to open up a new business center you must have a direct sale. 
This is how each business center opens and the commission for each sale within the business center increases. 
After 10 group sales you can open up a 3A business center with your next direct sale and every K8 machine sold within that 3A business center you will get paid 3 points=$1,020/ sale. 
After 20 group sales you can open up a 4A business center with your next direct sale and every K8 machine sold within that 4A business center you will get paid 4 points=$1,360/sale
After 50 group sales you can open up a 5A business center with your next direct sale and every K8 machine sold within that 5A business center you will get paid 5 points=$1,700/sale
After 100 group sales you can open up a 6A business center with your next direct sale and every K8 machine sold within that 6A business center you will get paid 6 points=$2,040/sale
Enagic knows that the best way for a distributor to be successful at selling the Kangen water machines is by sharing the water and by being a product of the product. Once you start drinking Kangen water you will never want to be without. Changing your water will change your life. Enagic requires each distributor to purchase a machine so that the distributor can experience the benefits of this machine themselves and to be able to share the water with others. This is extremely important because everybody needs water and the water that everyone drinks right now is not what nature intended. Japan is the healthiest nation in the world and the United States is way down on that list. In Japan 1 in every 6 homes has one of our Kangen water machines. In the United States only 1 in 20,000 homes has one of our machines. This gives us huge market potential. The bottled water industry is a billion dollar industry because people know that their tap water is not good for their families and now everyone is starting to find out that bottled water is worse than tap water. 
So now you know the basics of the product and the compensation you are still wondering how or what do you have to do in order to start making $3,000-$5,000 per week within your first 30 days? Our team has marketing systems in place that all you have to do is follow a step by step setup process to get going. You will never have to cold call, sell your family or friends and you will never worry about having enough people interested in your product or business opportunity. Since every distributor has to purchase a machine in order to become a distributor, these new distributors also count as sales. There are hundreds of thousands of people out there looking for the right business opportunity. Each person has their own reason for looking and all you have to do is follow our process and you will have hundreds of people contacting you on a weekly basis to see how they can become a distributor. We have done everything for you. You will have a duplicated website, an easy to follow marketing system and training platform that will allow you and everyone that joins your business to hit the ground running making money. 
Once you purchase your K8 machine and choose to be a distributor you will need to fill out a W9 and sign the policy and procedures. 
There are 3 Ways to purchase the K8
  1. Cash or Check
  2. Credit Card
  3. Enagic Financing
The best way is to use other people’s money to pay for your machine. We have multiple banks/credit card companies that offer Zero down and 0% financing with minimum payment of $54/month to purchase the K8 machine. You must have a credit score over 620 to qualify. 
If you don’t have all of the cash or the credit to secure financing, Enagic will finance your K8 machine with about $1,000 down with no credit check or income verification. 
This is a business that is here to stay and you have the opportunity to join a team with marketing systems in place that has distributors using the exact same systems you will have access to making over $20,000/ week like clockwork. 
There is a 30 Day Return Policy on the purchase of your K8 machine. You have nothing to lose!! I Guarantee you will succeed within your first 30 days or just return your machine and walk away. 
Go ahead and watch the videos on this site to learn more and when you are ready to take advantage of the best business opportunity available today in this country, just simply fill out the contact form or just text me at the phone number provided and we will set up a time to talk.